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MWF 8am-2pm For Local Pickup address DM, Email or Text Not sure about a color? We can help! Just email 2 to 3 pictures in GOOD lighting to support@saltyhairextensions.com and we will provide our advice within 1 business day.

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Our Mission

At Salty Hair Extensions we are driven by one, and only one, mission: to make women feel powerful and confident.

  • We strive to help you, the stylist, give the best quality to your clients to help them feel like the best versions of themselves.

Our Quality

Hair Extensions should enhance the beautiful work you do! They should be low maintenance for your client, and with the correct care regimen, behave and feel like natural hair. Salty Hair offers only the best in quality to help you and your clients achieve this!

At Salty Hair Extensions our hair undergoes a very strict quality protocol. One that we found, makes all the difference. It ensures that the cuticle is always in tacked and that the undertones are never brassy. Along with this protocol, and many others, our hair has become the best of the best. Salty hair Extensions is 100% human, virgin, remy hair. It is Silky, shiny, and thick all the way to the ends. Our hair has the highest quality, guaranteed.

Our Story

As a beaded row extension stylist, I spent years perfecting my craft, only to lose clients because of poor quality hair... We decided to do something about it.

We struggled to find a hand-tied weft option that consistently satisfied not only our own expectations but more importantly our clients. Most were too thin, too bulky, or even matted after just a couple of washes; so we decided to make our own!

After more than a year of tweaking and fine-tuning, we finally have a product we are proud of!